Where’s Baby Early Access!

Where’s Baby is now available in Early Access!  What does that MEAN! WHAT DOES THAT MEAN!

Play as a baby critter, wrecking everything in the house and having a blast! Power ups along the way will help amplify your natural toddler abilities, including diaper bombs and a foot-powered pink plastic car (beep beep)! OR play as the baby sitter, and try to keep things together until the parents get home and the round ends! If you are lucky, you’ll be able to find a blanket, put that little guy to bed, and have a little peace!

Battle AI!  Battle split screen against a friend!  BREAK SOME STUFF!


Early Access Perks ABOUND!  You get in at a cheaper price, ANNNND you get to help shape the direction the game takes!  Keep an eye on twitter for polls!


We are only TWO DAYS from launch!  Thanks to everyone who has checked out the game so far, all of your feedback has been invaluable!  We have one last tweak going in as a day 1 patch (mostly involving the furnace boss), and are on track for a Day 1 patch.  TUESDAY, HERE WE COME!

Last Stitch Goodnight Birthday Party Invitation

Well Bred Rhino is EXTREMELY EXCITED to announce the Last Stitch Goodnight launch date!  The terrible monstrosities of Last Stitch Goodnight escape on May 9th, 2017.  On this fateful day players will be able to fight their way through Dr. Dooley’s horrible experimentations, discover new weapons, and unlock new powers.   After 5 thrilling years of development, this action/adventure/metroidvania/weird thing is finally coming to Steam and PS4.


AScreenshot (18)

On its release day, Last Stitch Goodnight will launch with 9 extra months (one baby unit) of music, development, content, and polish, ALL THANKS TO THE KICKSTARTER BACKERS!  Tons of new side quests have been added: some involve universal truths, some involve dogs, and all of them involve survival.

This journey has been an incredible one, and Well Bred Rhino can’t wait for you to get to enjoy the game.

AScreenshot (5)


Putting a World Inside a Mansion

One of my biggest goals with LSG was to make a world.

That’s all.

Up to this point I’ve had a blast adding the mythology and characters, but in the end it was just too linear. My general rule of thumb is, if it is supposed to be a world, there has to be a horizon, and there has to be stuff on the other side of it. Things just out of sight. Things you might stumble across if you keep walking. Things that could make it YOUR experience.

Over the last few months I’ve been able to make that a reality. I had a list of side missions I wanted to add, little things that shaped the world. People, places, souvenirs. Each one of them gloriously had ZERO to do with the main storyline, because hey, the world is a big place. And right now I am on track to be able to add ALL OF THEM. I can feel the world filling with more and more life. And a couple dogs. And lasers.



I’ve also been grooving to the soundtrack as Fat Bard keeps adding new tracks, and they have REALLY outdone themselves. It’s not just music playing while you run around.  The new soundtrack pushes you forward, it reinforces the hits, it adds shadows to the corners.  Your ears are going to dance.

Next up…

  • Finish side missions
  • Work through backlog of little tweaks to get it juuuuuuust right
  • Test test test

I can’t wait to share the PARTY step with you!



Things Just Got More Exciting

The last month has been insane!  A good insane.  Like a small floof dog greeting you at the door after you’ve been gone for an hour.


First up PIXEL POP!   Last weekend I got to show LSG off at the STL Science Center to some amazing people.  I also got to take some furious notes, one of which was: Make sure weapon selection works better for folks who want to use a dpad.  Up to this point, when I tested on gamepads, I’ve only been using using the thumbstick.  Like a monster.  WELL ITS FIXED NOW.

Next up – side quests!  Everything is planned out, and I have 3 of them all tied into the game!  I still have to get some more dialogue in and the rewards coded, but overall its progressing NICELY!

And finally…. REMEMBER THAT KICKSTARTER?  AND HOW WE NEEDED A SOUNDTRACK?  I’ve been working closely with Fat Bard, and they already have two tracks done!  Words can’t even begin to express how happy I am with how the tracks complement the gameplay.  The whole mood gets cranked up to 11.  YER GONNA LOVE IT.  And THANKS AGAIN for all the support and helping make this possible!


WE DID IT!  Last Stitch Goodnight has been funded!  AND it was awarded Kickstarter’s “Project We Love”!


There are still some AWESOME growth goals we can shoot for!  Tell you friends, family, favorite game news sites, strangers on the streets, and adorable animals about Last Stitch Goodnight, and we can shoot for more audio goodness, the bonus game, and VOICE OVERS!




After over four years of blood, sweat, coffee, and tears, Well Bred Rhino can’t wait for everyone to get their hands on Last Stitch Goodnight. The main storyline is completely done, and more side missions are in the works. But there is one thing the game needs that no amount of caffeine can provide: an intense, quirky soundtrack. To help give Last Stitch Goodnight the music it deserves, Well Bred Rhino needs your help!


This Kickstarter campaign gives everyone a chance to help take part in the development process, uncover a few of the Doctor’s mysteries, and walk away with some fantastic rewards, like the newly made soundtrack, an art book, or a special appearance in the game! With your support, we can make the game something truly memorable with an amazing soundtrack!


Experimenting with Enemies

Phase 1 of the Brain/Body Sever was able to turn the impulses sent by the brain into actions in the attached robotic assembly. Unfortunately, as the saying goes, power corrupts, and absolute power mech exoskeletons corrupt absolutely. We need to move past human trials as quickly as possible to remove their random variables and lust for smooshing things.


Enemy design has been EXTREMELY fun while making Last Stitch Goodnight.  All of the enemies have started from the core concept of “if I had infinite money, infinite time, infinite science, and zero morals, what awesome monsters would I build?”   Although, in retrospect, how healthy is it to channel your inner mad scientist?