Happy New Year 2016!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, 2016!  You don’t look a day over a day.

This has been an amazing year for Well Bred Rhino.  Last Stitch Goodnight’s story has been locked down, the mansion and offices were built, and all the bosses were put in their places.  And amongst all this world building, we’ve been able to polish the bejebus out of it thanks to fantastic feedback from the St. Louis Game Developers Co-op and from everyone who came out to the Pixel Pop Festival.

The biggest goals for 2016 are interaction, polish, and making people question my mental state.  I CAN NOT WAIT to get this into your hands!

But I leave you with one final HORRIFIC NOTION THAT WILL SURELY CHILL YOU TO THE BONE!  In a house of horrors, what if you are the TRUE monster?

Floooosh.  Terror flush that uses up all the cold water while someone else is trying to take a shower.   EV-ILLL.