It Doesn’t Always Work

When it comes to making games, there is no substitute for play.  THINKING about a level can be a waste of time.  The second you put somethingANYTHING down on paper, you’ve moved out of the “how do I make it” and into the “how do I make it better”.  And its an AWESOME feeling.  Instead of the infinite unknown, you actually start to get a few tasks you can work on.  If you just keep focusing and don’t give up, you can dig up some ideas that you would have NEVER had outside of the game.


I just finished a big section of the game where the rooms felt right, but when you sat down and played it, something was off.  The enemies didn’t really compliment each other or the environment, and the boss just felt out of place.  The solution?  Fix the meh enemies and boss fight in one swoop by using those same enemies to build up to an EPIC boss fight.  And along the way, I realized I could work in some REALLY important bits of the higher mythos.  Turns out, making a game better is way easier than making a game.