Miles Stone, Esq

The old residential wing has some new occupants.  And not all of the new tenants are as adorable as rats.


Good news!  I just finished my third pass of the main game content!  You get better at design with every room/enemy/scenario you create, so allowing myself the chance to make multiple sweeps through ALL the content means that I can revisit things from the past and apply lessons learned.  This pass introduced a TON of new content, retooled virtually all of the bosses, and I can say (with uncomfortably intense enthusiasm) that the game is getting AWESOOOOOME.  The kind where you have to sing the word “awesome” when you say it.  And lock eyes.  Uncomfortably.  Intense.  Enthusiasm.

So whats next?  A whole lot.  You can play the entire main story line from the beginning to the end, which is good, but also necessary, because I haven’t implemented all of the save system.  After that I have to work on the maps, the side quests, and a billion tiny little details.  BUT.  They are a lot easier to tackle than “make the whole damn story”.