Things Just Got More Exciting

The last month has been insane!  A good insane.  Like a small floof dog greeting you at the door after you’ve been gone for an hour.


First up PIXEL POP!   Last weekend I got to show LSG off at the STL Science Center to some amazing people.  I also got to take some furious notes, one of which was: Make sure weapon selection works better for folks who want to use a dpad.  Up to this point, when I tested on gamepads, I’ve only been using using the thumbstick.  Like a monster.  WELL ITS FIXED NOW.

Next up – side quests!  Everything is planned out, and I have 3 of them all tied into the game!  I still have to get some more dialogue in and the rewards coded, but overall its progressing NICELY!

And finally…. REMEMBER THAT KICKSTARTER?  AND HOW WE NEEDED A SOUNDTRACK?  I’ve been working closely with Fat Bard, and they already have two tracks done!  Words can’t even begin to express how happy I am with how the tracks complement the gameplay.  The whole mood gets cranked up to 11.  YER GONNA LOVE IT.  And THANKS AGAIN for all the support and helping make this possible!