Putting a World Inside a Mansion

One of my biggest goals with LSG was to make a world.

That’s all.

Up to this point I’ve had a blast adding the mythology and characters, but in the end it was just too linear. My general rule of thumb is, if it is supposed to be a world, there has to be a horizon, and there has to be stuff on the other side of it. Things just out of sight. Things you might stumble across if you keep walking. Things that could make it YOUR experience.

Over the last few months I’ve been able to make that a reality. I had a list of side missions I wanted to add, little things that shaped the world. People, places, souvenirs. Each one of them gloriously had ZERO to do with the main storyline, because hey, the world is a big place. And right now I am on track to be able to add ALL OF THEM. I can feel the world filling with more and more life. And a couple dogs. And lasers.



I’ve also been grooving to the soundtrack as Fat Bard keeps adding new tracks, and they have REALLY outdone themselves. It’s not just music playing while you run around.  The new soundtrack pushes you forward, it reinforces the hits, it adds shadows to the corners.  Your ears are going to dance.

Next up…

  • Finish side missions
  • Work through backlog of little tweaks to get it juuuuuuust right
  • Test test test

I can’t wait to share the PARTY step with you!