Last Stitch Goodnight Birthday Party Invitation

Well Bred Rhino is EXTREMELY EXCITED to announce the Last Stitch Goodnight launch date!  The terrible monstrosities of Last Stitch Goodnight escape on May 9th, 2017.  On this fateful day players will be able to fight their way through Dr. Dooley’s horrible experimentations, discover new weapons, and unlock new powers.   After 5 thrilling years of development, this action/adventure/metroidvania/weird thing is finally coming to Steam and PS4.

AScreenshot (18)

On its release day, Last Stitch Goodnight will launch with 9 extra months (one baby unit) of music, development, content, and polish, ALL THANKS TO THE KICKSTARTER BACKERS!  Tons of new side quests have been added: some involve universal truths, some involve dogs, and all of them involve survival.

This journey has been an incredible one, and Well Bred Rhino can’t wait for you to get to enjoy the game.

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