All the Bad Parts GOTY Press Release

Well Bred Rhino releases GOTY Edition of All the Bad Parts on Xbox Indies

St. Louis, MO – June 19, 2012 – Well Bred Rhino is pleased to announce that the Game Of That Year edition of All the Bad Parts is now available on Xbox Live Indie Games.  To commemorate the massive engine upgrade for the game, the price has been dropped to the economically unsound 80 points, or 1 US Dollar.  All the Bad Parts is a classic brawler that tells the story of one man’s life, the choices he faces, the decisions he makes, and the bug-faced creatures he uppercuts.  The game features hand-to-hand combat, weapons, a shifting plot line, and multiple endings.  

Special New Features for the GOTY edition include:

  • Giant engine update means corners no longer have to be cut, and all triangles now have 3 points.
  • Hyperrealistic Neo-Noir film grain added.  And then removed.
  • Face import bug resolved
  • Lead developer Ben Cook pressed “X” at just the right moment during the last QTE of development, and successfully added a new attack in the final level.
  • $60 private system access fee must now be paid in small unmarked bills, but still guarantees preferential access to the single player content.
  • One level has a pickaxe.  There is zero mining or crafting, but if you’d like to infer anything, by all means.
  • More fluid animation!  More explosive action!  More precise combat!  The same loading screen!

The press have been ridiculously kind to All the Bad Parts:
“I won’t ruin the game’s clever plot, which is easily one of the most unique you’ll find in an Indie game”
– Terry Terrones, GamePro

“All the Bad Parts is an outstanding achievement in game writing and atmosphere.”
-Scott Nichols, OXM

“The whole atmosphere to this game had a haunting feeling to it which was extremely creepy… Tim Burton would definitely be wise to look into an adaptation”
– OtakuDante,

“The overall content of the story impresses, with its willingness to tackle the big questions that are not so much world-altering as they are self-altering.”
– Tim Hurley,

All the Bad Parts can be found on the Xbox Marketplace Website

Or can be accessed through the dashboard by  selecting
Games->Game Marketplace->Press “Y” to search for “All the Bad Parts”

About Well Bred Rhino
Well Bred Rhino is an independent development studio that provides entertaining gameplay with serious, thought-provoking storylines.  The company focuses on developing PC and Xbox 360 titles.  For more information, please, or contact us at .

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