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Well Bred Rhino releases All the Bad Parts into the wild, residents fear its impact on indigenous games

St. Louis, MO – August 29, 2011 – Well Bred Rhino is pleased to announce that All the Bad Parts is now available on Xbox Live Indie Games for 80 points, or 1 US Dollar.  All the Bad Parts is a classic brawler that tells the story of one man’s life, the choices he faces, the decisions he makes, and the bug-faced creatures he uppercuts.  The game features hand-to-hand combat, weapons, a shifting plot line, and multiple endings.  It was a semi-finalist in the Indie Game Summer Uprising.

All the Bad Parts can be found from the Xbox dashboard by selecting:
Games Marketplace -> Games & Demos -> Indie Games

All the Bad Parts begins with a young Corbin who is groggy, confused, and missing his homework.   After a new friend helps him quickly assemble an unexceptional paper to turn in, Corbin notices things aren’t as mundane as they appear.  Time starts to speed up.  The world suddenly becomes infested.  Existing enemies grow far more terrifying.  Everything is wrong.

All the Bad Parts is a modern side-scrolling brawler in the same way that the F-16 fighter jet is a modern pterodactyl.  A 3D environment is available for Corbin to explore, and slivers of the buildings magically fade away to show a new cross cut of the world, uncovering new grotesque enemies to fight.

To survive, Corbin will have to combine his punches and kicks to form combos like the Blender of Death and the Shoving Mantis (also of death).  He will have to find fearsome, destructive weapons like dodgeballs and cardboard tubes to defend against the advancing creatures.  And if hitting bugmen over the head with a cardboard tube doesn’t sound like fun to you, then you really should stop reading game press releases.

A quick note from the lead developer, Ben Cook:

The most important thing Corbin will have to do is rely on his instincts as he interacts with the people around him.  If you are going through a more serious part of your life, then I hope these interactions will make All the Bad Parts a unique experience for you.

This game was made for the kid who is trying to make sense of an irreversible change in his family.  It is for the guy who aches for one more hour in the day.  All the Bad Parts is for anyone who is thinking a little too much about life and needs a break.  For these people, I hope you have fun with the game, but more importantly I hope you get something bigger out of All the Bad Parts.

All the Bad Parts, on Xbox Live Indie Games.

About Well Bred Rhino
Well Bred Rhino is an independent development studio that provides entertaining gameplay with serious, thought-provoking storylines.  The company focuses on developing PC and Xbox 360 titles.  For more information, please visit, or contact us at .

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