Last Stitch Goodnight Beta


Welcome to the Last Stitch Goodnight Early Access Beta!  YOU FORTUNATE FEW get to be the first humans on the planet to play Last Stitch Goodnight!

The game is still on track for a May 9th release, and I am currently putting some finishing touches on the game to get it ready to ship.  That said, there are a billion different configurations for computers, and 1.5 billion different play styles.  As a member of the exclusive Part of the Team Kickstarter Club (pronounced PTKCCCC in polite conversation), you will make the world a better place just by BEING YOU (and by playing the game)!  I really hope you enjoy the game, and if you run into any issues, please shoot me a note at!  And when you finish the game, send me a screenshot of the credits and I’ll give you a special Official Tester credit in the final game!

Latest News

4/1/17 – To help solve an issue one tester was seeing, I’ve decided to change the version of Unity.  HAHA just joking, April Fools! Changing the version of the game engine this late in development would be a TERRIBLE idea!

No, really, I’m doing it.  FOR THE PEOPLE!

I’ve done a pass through the game with the new version and cleaned up a few things, but so far the only thing that has stood out is a few cases where objects draw out of order.  That said, if you see ANYTHING wonky, let me know, and I’ll make sure it gets in to the next build.

Thanks again for all your hard work, team.  The game is improving with each weirdness you find!


Current Known Issues

  • None

Resolved Issues

  • 4/15/17 Patch Notes
    • Slightly longer “screen shake” time frame to help on crazy fast FPS (.017s)
    • Corrected hit particle in first jail cell
    • Leg tear in animation while sawing the third boss fixed
    • Dont let tips cancel until they are ALL the way out
    • Checked all “Got A” images to ensure no mipmap. Up’d the resolution on the blankie image.
    • Fixed lasers on vault door, the sfx was on the wrong position.
    • Fairy princess got a female voice.
    • Choose your darkness screen- starts with controller on slider.  Changed colors of slider
    • Default music volume dropped slightly
    • Coming out of mantle does a “thud” now instead of a “THUD”.
    • Robot boss- warning alarm, walking, and hit (lighting) are made quieter.
    • Electric shock robot parts less loud on shock.
    • Triple page when picking up a book, turned single
    • Made robot chomp bots catch grenades MORE SMART
    • Tweaked text on Stretch notes to maintain tone
  • 4/4/17 Patch Notes
    • Vortex effect can override tips that pop up
    • Tip for map/quest refined, adds key input for map on PC
  • 4/2/17 Patch Notes
    • Garage map has a bad circle around “To Office”
    • Eye orbs drop loot when already dead
    • Mice in Insulation wander off track
    • “Water Warp” on Bathroom Boss can kill boss
    • Bad depth sorting on crops
  • 4/1/17 Patch Notes
    • Need Unity 5.4.2 support.
    • Final leg of “Kids” quest points to Office Breakroom.  Should point back to the old residential hallway.
    • In the Main Staircase, it is possible to dash to the chandelier, and from there dash to the far staircase.  Don’t do that!  But now you have read about it.  And will want to try it.  FIGHT THE TEMPTATION!


How do I get Steam?

Go to  On the top right corner is a green button labeled “Install Steam”.  Once you have downloaded Steam and set up an account, you can select “Activate a Product on Steam” from under “Games” in the Menu Bar to add Last Stitch Goodnight to your library.

Can I stream/record footage of the Last Stitch Goodnight?

As we are still about a month from release, I would like to limit steaming and video recording as much as possible.  If STREAM IS LIFE, shoot me a note, and we can try to address any concerns.

Help, I am totally stuck!

If you hit a wall and can’t make any progress, or if you see anything that looks straight up wrong, please reach out to me immediately at!  I’ll make sure you keep moving forward!

In such an event, the most helpful things you can send me are a description of what went down, screenshots, and logs.   The logs can be found at the end of this convoluted pathway.

In Steam, right click on Last Stitch Goodnight.  Select Properties.  Select Local Files.  Select Browse Local Files.   You will instantly be teleported to a magical land of File Browsing!  (Probably something like C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Last Stitch Goodnight\).   In the LastStitchGoodnightV10B3_Data folder is a file called output_log.txt.

Wouldn’t it be cool if the main character was a DRAGON?