Last Stitch Goodnight Press Kit

Welcome to the Last Stitch Goodnight Press Kit!  If you have any questions or need additional information, please do not hesitate to send an email and ask!

Factual Things


Last Stitch Goodnight is a side scrolling action adventure that violently embraces a new modern mythology. After you survive a near-death, out-of-body experience, you are kidnapped by a doctor who is experimenting on people who satisfy certain… criteria. Escaping the doctor’s death trap of a mansion will require new weapons, new powers, and a strong stomach for facing science gone bad.


  • Lovingly handcrafted adventure written, drawn, coded, and designed by Ben Cook
  • A giant mansion to explore, full of hidden secrets and unique locations (Laboratories! Furnaces! Bedrooms! Bathrooms! Movie theater!)
  • Scores of cranky, cranky enemies ranging from irate office workers to malcontent robots
  • Multipurpose tools used to interact with the world or bludgeon enemies, depending on your whims.  Sometimes a screwdriver dismantles a bed, and sometimes it shivs a punk
  • A suite of upgradable powers that allow the player to fully explore every shadowy corner, even the ones with spiders
  • Towering bosses that will push your skill and creativity, forcing you to use every trick you have learned
  • A spanning story that breaks down 4 individuals in ways that can’t be fixed with bandages


Ben has been making games since he was 7, although back then they were made on a Mac Plus and were mostly about pterodactyls and spacemen.  In 2011 Well Bred Rhino was born, along with it’s first official game, All the Bad Parts.  Since then, Ben has been experimenting with ways to combine action, adventure, and story, which has all been leading up to his newest game, Last Stitch Goodnight.  LSG will be released on Steam and PS4 on May 9th, 2017.


Last Stitch Goodnight has demo’d two conventions, and has been receiving some fantastic reactions from new cosplaying friends.

“This is amazing! This needs to be at PAX!”
-Raven from Teen Titans

“No, hit the boss with the pipe! He is weak now! God, are you even trying? JUMP!”
-Two brothers who will hopefully reconcile

“I love it!  When is this coming out! Can I have two buttons? Can I have three buttons?”
-Rose Quartz, who let me hold her shield while she was playing, so she got three buttons

“Dude… this is… dude. Nice. Can I buy this now?”
-Captain America, who I immediately disappointed with my answer. Have you ever disappointed Captain America? It felt like making an eagle cry.

The first Well Bred Rhino game was All the Bad Parts on Xbox 360, which some awesome people said some lovely things about.

“I won’t ruin the game’s clever plot, which is easily one of the most unique you’ll find in an Indie game”
– Terry Terrones, GamePro

“All the Bad Parts is an outstanding achievement in game writing and atmosphere.”
-Scott Nichols, OXM

“The overall content of the story impresses, with its willingness to tackle the big questions that are not so much world-altering as they are self-altering.”
– Tim Hurley,