WE DID IT!  Last Stitch Goodnight has been funded!  AND it was awarded Kickstarter’s “Project We Love”!

There are still some AWESOME growth goals we can shoot for!  Tell you friends, family, favorite game news sites, strangers on the streets, and adorable animals about Last Stitch Goodnight, and we can shoot for more audio goodness, the bonus game, and VOICE OVERS!




After over four years of blood, sweat, coffee, and tears, Well Bred Rhino can’t wait for everyone to get their hands on Last Stitch Goodnight. The main storyline is completely done, and more side missions are in the works. But there is one thing the game needs that no amount of caffeine can provide: an intense, quirky soundtrack. To help give Last Stitch Goodnight the music it deserves, Well Bred Rhino needs your help!

This Kickstarter campaign gives everyone a chance to help take part in the development process, uncover a few of the Doctor’s mysteries, and walk away with some fantastic rewards, like the newly made soundtrack, an art book, or a special appearance in the game! With your support, we can make the game something truly memorable with an amazing soundtrack!


Experimenting with Enemies

Phase 1 of the Brain/Body Sever was able to turn the impulses sent by the brain into actions in the attached robotic assembly. Unfortunately, as the saying goes, power corrupts, and absolute power mech exoskeletons corrupt absolutely. We need to move past human trials as quickly as possible to remove their random variables and lust for smooshing things.


Enemy design has been EXTREMELY fun while making Last Stitch Goodnight.  All of the enemies have started from the core concept of “if I had infinite money, infinite time, infinite science, and zero morals, what awesome monsters would I build?”   Although, in retrospect, how healthy is it to channel your inner mad scientist?

It’s Like a Candy Slot Machine You Always Win


The focus recently has been screen overlays so you can pick your weapons, get around the mansion quick-like, and buy stuff.  This last one is especially exciting – up to this point the only thing you could do with the money you found was save up for retirement.  NOW you can blow your nest egg on protein bars and skin tape!


Of course, all the things you buy from the vending machine are pretty fleeting.  You use ’em once and they are gone forever, and you have to keep earning money just so you can keep buying.  If you want something more permanent, you’ll have to explore deeper into the mansion and find something a little more valuable than money.

Greenlight Fest 2016


The first step of our haphazard plan for global domination is getting Last Stitch Goodnight on Steam!  JOIN ME AS WE TAKE OVER THE WOOOOORLD AND VOTE YES!


And alongside that, the game keeps transforming in ways that one could hypothetically label as “more than meets the eye.”  The quest log and the map system are both in place, so you can now put your notepad and graph paper away and breath a big sigh of relief.  I also gave the world a bit more depth with some added shadows.  And added the weapon select screen.  And let you save the game.  Its amazing what you can get done when you don’t have to focus on building a universe from scratch!

Miles Stone, Esq

The old residential wing has some new occupants.  And not all of the new tenants are as adorable as rats.


Good news!  I just finished my third pass of the main game content!  You get better at design with every room/enemy/scenario you create, so allowing myself the chance to make multiple sweeps through ALL the content means that I can revisit things from the past and apply lessons learned.  This pass introduced a TON of new content, retooled virtually all of the bosses, and I can say (with uncomfortably intense enthusiasm) that the game is getting AWESOOOOOME.  The kind where you have to sing the word “awesome” when you say it.  And lock eyes.  Uncomfortably.  Intense.  Enthusiasm.

So whats next?  A whole lot.  You can play the entire main story line from the beginning to the end, which is good, but also necessary, because I haven’t implemented all of the save system.  After that I have to work on the maps, the side quests, and a billion tiny little details.  BUT.  They are a lot easier to tackle than “make the whole damn story”.

It Doesn’t Always Work

When it comes to making games, there is no substitute for play.  THINKING about a level can be a waste of time.  The second you put somethingANYTHING down on paper, you’ve moved out of the “how do I make it” and into the “how do I make it better”.  And its an AWESOME feeling.  Instead of the infinite unknown, you actually start to get a few tasks you can work on.  If you just keep focusing and don’t give up, you can dig up some ideas that you would have NEVER had outside of the game.


I just finished a big section of the game where the rooms felt right, but when you sat down and played it, something was off.  The enemies didn’t really compliment each other or the environment, and the boss just felt out of place.  The solution?  Fix the meh enemies and boss fight in one swoop by using those same enemies to build up to an EPIC boss fight.  And along the way, I realized I could work in some REALLY important bits of the higher mythos.  Turns out, making a game better is way easier than making a game.