Where’s Baby is an asymmetrical multiplayer game where you play either a baby sitter or a OH NO ONE OF THE KIDS IS A WEREWOLF. DO THE PARENTS EVEN KNOW ABOUT THIS?  SHOULDN’T THEY HAVE MENTIONED THIS? HE BROKE THE TABLE! HE JUST TOUCHED IT AND IT EXPLODED AND OH MAN This is so coming out of my paycheck.

The Critters

Fur Baby – The moon is full.  So is the diaper.  Make sure they don’t get ahold of the little plastic fangs, otherwise you are BOTH going to need a flea bath!


The TeeTHING – To much sugar has left them acting a little batty.


More coming soon!

The Levels

Mansion – Careful you don’t lose the little one in the ducts!


Campsite – Swimming!  S’mores!  Mayhem!


More coming soon!